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I enjoy cel collecting. I really like my collection.
I think, that for the most part Ive been lucky enough to be blessed with bizzare taste. So the competition for my favorite cels has been minimal. ^_^;; Noone wants the kinds of cels I collect. The goofy looks, the weird bean shaped heads, the scream takes, the snakes attached to some tender pink portion of anatomy..Nobody seems to want that sort of cel. Pretty boys yes. Pretty boys in cels with their eyes shut and their mouths open with a cobra clutching their testicles?
Nope, not a smidge..so I get to love them.

Is this ok? Hell yah it is. Suffer the goofy bandaged ones unto me. Bring on the sweatdrops, the prat falls and the generally uncute. There is a home for them here.
I also like the sadistic, the unatural, the gay and the mystical..Those are the things that make me smile and feel happy.

Its hell on my resale values.
Its fun to look at and it keeps my stress level pretty damned low.


Curator: Pale
Gallery Created: 10/31/2001

Presentation 8.47/10   Collection 8.74/10   Overall 8.54/10   Votes 26 votes
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