Hi Welcome to the only art gallery that lets you drink coffee and eat pizza while you look at the exhibits. Hell you can even touch them if you want..just wipe the grease from the screen when your done..`_~

I do have a gallery on geocities ( so its probably down again)

I've always had a problem with series-monogamy...My wallet isn't too happy with it either.
The type of series I collect vary..but I tend to like comedies...

Well you're welcome to stay a little while and look around. Feel free to write if you get the urge...

HMM about stealing images. To be quite honest I hesitate to put my real feelings here because there is always some jerk who will try to push the envelope too far..They are the exact type of person who walks around on the hottest day of the year and asks "hot enough for ya? hhheeeeyuck"
So lets just say Im not gonna call down the wrath of god if I see one of my cels on a show site. But I would like to ask for a link and a credit...etiquette and all that. I would do the same for you.Happiness to everyone


News & Updates

8/21/2004I just added a new slayers pan. I just love the expression on their faces...Im so happy that I get to add new cels once in a while... nothing beats the smell of cel paint early in the morning.
3/12/2004Wow! I have just gotten the most beautiful Lina Pan cel ever! Thank you a million times to Jason for parting with her! (Also added a kawaii Firia cel to keep Xellos company) WAI WAI WAI!!
10/8/2003Wow it really has been a while. I added a nice new Gourry bank cel. Yay!
1/1/2003Happy New Year updated some tennimon that Ive been too lazy to scan and my only other ranma 1/2 cel. This year I resolve to be less lazy and scan my cels as soon as I get them. ^_^

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Title Last Updated
Bastard!!! 4/12/2004
Boogie Pop Phantom 8/24/2002
Cowboy Bebop 8/29/2002
Fake (ova) 9/11/2003
Fushigi Yuugi 9/21/2002
Fushigi Yuugi (2) 8/29/2002
Gokudo-kun 8/26/2002
GTO 11/18/2003
Haunted Junction 10/2/2002
Jeffery's Knighthood 8/24/2002
Jubei Chan 10/10/2002
Mahou Tsuki Tai 11/22/2001
Master Of Mosquiton 9/24/2002
Microman 4/12/2004
New Angel 9/19/2002
Pet Shop Of Horrors 9/15/2002
Ping Pong Club 10/19/2002
Ranma 1/2 1/1/2003
Sailor Moon 11/17/2001
Shadow Skill 9/21/2002
Silent Moebius 8/24/2002
Slayers 8/21/2004
Tenshi Ni Narumon 1/3/2003
Violinist of Hameln 4/12/2004

Curator: Pale
Gallery Created: 10/31/2001

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