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Takeda, kamiya,maeno,kyoko
Source: TV
Layers: 1
No sketches available
Cel Number: a1end
Standard size

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Added 10/19/2002
Im so happy! I finally can add "ping pong club" to my gallery. Its perverse funny as hell and its the number one reason I nicknamed my sister "takeda" Ping pong club cels have been on my wishlist forever...This is from the tournament episode..if kyoko and takeda win they can go to bermuda..the perfect place to have of course the other guys frig it up for them.

    Previous: Kinoshita and Takeda

Curator: Pale
Gallery Created: 10/31/2001

Presentation 8.47/10   Collection 8.74/10   Overall 8.54/10   Votes 26 votes
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